Room 1

The easternmost room. Historic wooden ceilings, Genoese grit flooring and soundproof double glazed windows

Sleeps 6 adults with a double bed (divisible into two singles) and two bunk beds.

Private bathroom with shower, smart TV, wi-fi, air conditioning, minibar, coffee machine and kettle.

For particularly light sleepers, comfortable earplugs are available free of charge.

In this room there is still the famous trapdoor from which, in the 1950s, American soldiers escaped when the MP patrol, the ‘Military Police’, arrived, because it was absolutely forbidden for them to enter nightclubs.

Just as it was forbidden to enter some of Genoa’s alleys where the plaques written in English stating that entry was prohibited still stand today. 

This was because often the ‘prinçese’ (local prostitutes) in collaboration with petty criminals got the marines drunk and then robbed them of everything, even the documents that they would then need to board the military ship from which they had disembarked.